• "Ear-AR: Indoor Acoustic Augmented Reality on Earphones" accepted to MobiCom 2020.
  • "EarSense: Earphones as a Teeth Activity Sensor" accepted to MobiCom 2020.
  • "Voice Localization Using Nearby Wall Reflections" accepted to MobiCom 2020.
  • "STEAR: Robust Step Counting from Earables" accepted to Earcomp workshop 2019 (with Ubicomp 2019).
  • "RF-Wear" wins Ubicomp/ISWC 2018 best demo honorable mention award (2/51).
  • I joined SyNRG group in UIUC.
  • "Wish: Towards a Wireless Shape-aware World using Passive RFIDs" accepted to ACM Mobisys 2018
  • "Towards Wearable Everyday Body-Frame Tracking using Passive RFIDs" (RF-Wear) accepted to ACM IMWUT 2017 (Ubicomp 2018)